Published: Mr Tay in QLRS

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Hey guys!

My short story, Mr Tay, is now up on the latest issue of QLRS. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun writing it! =) You can view the story here:



Lost & Found – Love in Transit

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Hi all!

Just a quick update! My short story, Off Duty, has been adapted into a short film and is now screening on StarHub Go! It’s quite an incredible experience to see my words being translated into visuals, so thank you, Aik Heng, from Threesixzero Productions, for approaching me to do the adaptation. Also, thank you Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, for taking a chance on the story and publishing it in your journal, which was where Aik Heng had discovered it, as well as Jason Erik Lundberg from Epigram Books, who had anthologized Off Duty in their collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Volume II. I’m heartened to see my little story reaching out to these people, and I hope you enjoy reading and watching it too.

You may read the original story, which differs from the adaptation, on QLRS:

You can watch Lost & Found (under the series Love in Transit – Episode 2) on StarHub Go:…

2017 Commonwealth Short Story Prize Shortlist

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The news is out! I’m very excited and humbled to be on the #CWPrize shortlist! When they first notified me of the news, I almost couldn’t believe it. This year was particularly competitive with almost 6,000 entries from the Commonwealth. Even though I hope to win, to even be shortlisted is already very gratifying. You can read more about the competition and view an excerpt of my short story here.

Published! The Epigram Books Collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories Volume 2

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I’m excited to announce that my short story “Off Duty” will be included in The Epigram Books Collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories Volume 2. The book will be launched at the 2015 Singapore Writers Festival in November, and I wish I could attend the reading and events, but, alas, I will be in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, I will be sending lots of positive energy and well wishes to the writers there, and for those interested, don’t forget to grab a copy when the book is out!

For more information on the writers festival, you can visit their official page here. The line up of events and visiting authors looks good so be sure to check it out!

Published: Off Duty, in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

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Good news! In October, one of my fiction stories was published in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, an online space that captures the literary heartbeat of Singapore. Featuring talented local writers like Lee Wei Fen and Alfian Sa’at, I am honored to be published alongside them.

As a born and bred local myself, I am happy to be able to contribute to Singapore’s literary scene. I love writing about my country. It is a tiny dot of a city where many people across the world have mistaken it for being a part of Malaysia or China. It is neither. Instead, Singapore is an independent country that is more than its squeaky clean image. It is a city, with one of the world’s most hardworking people, that had progressed from a third world nation to a first world nation in a few short decades. Our land pulses with the energy of our people carrying big dreams and even bolder personalities. Over the years, we have attained world-class standards in education, science & medicine, tourism, engineering, etc. But these successes came with a price. We may be one of the richest countries in the world, but we, as with other capitalistic countries, cannot avoid the widening income disparity and the social impact of the increasing influx of foreigners/foreign talent. As a result, a sizable group of Singaporeans, despite their contributions to the nation, are finding themselves less and less represented, their voices fading into silence.

My story, Off Duty, was inspired by these oft-forgotten citizens that had worked hard to make Singapore what it is today, but are not reaping the same rewards as the younger generation. I hope to portray more slices of everyday Singaporean life in my future stories. For now, here’s the link to Off Duty

Enjoy reading!